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The plastic boxes cricket farm design

The easiest way to raise crickets is to use the box. Box crickets with plastic not need much money, easily made, and environmentally friendly. You can make the crickets enlargement is fast and easy. just need some long wood, nails, and plastic sheets. All the ingredients that you can buy at the hardware store or shop buildings around the neighborhood.

The plastic boxes cricket farm design features large boxes that are typically built using plastic sheet. While the size can vary, plastic box cricket farms commonly measure 1.25 x 2.5 x .06 yards. A plastic box cricket farm is able to produce around 50 kg crickets throughout each development cycle with 5 ounce eggs can hatch inside there. While this type of cricket farm design is less durable than a concrete cylinder pen or concrete plywood, they are easily moved and rotated depending on your cricket farming needs. The plastic box cricket farm is also easy to clean, build, and does not generate the same heat as the concrete block pens.

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